Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lunch time eye candy

No, no. Not THAT kinda eye candy. More of clothes! And more clothes of course *grins*

SPOTTED: Buckle Buckle

Here we go again! First up, we have 'em puffy sleeved top with 'em bright big buttons down the front. Check out the wide collar on this one. Totally accentuates the right curves, no? Plus point! Ting! *grins* oh wait! You can even wear it as a mini dress too! For the petite ladies. Alright! Versatility in the house now. It's cute, adorable and totally the piece you would wanna get your hands on!

SPOTTED: Katzi Couture

Fancy a little more satin in your wardrobe? Why not give this satin halter dress a try? It has an empire waist that totally enhances the right curves, the pleats and the buttons to direct attention to your upper half and ahh.. to top it off with a sweet sash tied at the back. sweet little thing. I reckon this would look lovely as a birthday dress, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Crazy.Sunday.Closet

Or would you like a sleeveless piece instead? Less details but nevertheless the same material and the pretty same concept?

Well, we got one here alright. The empire waist babydoll dress. Hemline slightly puffed to make it slightly balloon-ish without going over the top *giggles* Sweet, and well somewhat sexy I would say. Perfect for the chic look with a tote at hand! Alright!

SPOTTED: Basic Attire

Nope. We haven't seen the last of 'em maxi dresses yet! Here's more! and it totally spells out summer time and floral frenzy too! Floral prints at the bust AND from the middle towards the hemline. Now isn't that fab? *grins* Especially when they're placed against such sweet pastel background colours! Going for RM 55 only! STEAL!

SPOTTED: Chenice

Can't get enough of 'em puffy sleeved tops? Well, here;s another one for you! Plus, plus, you gotta like check out the cute and sexy opening at the back! ohh.. the necklace is totally included with the top as well. Awesome! Now that's one great match there settled for you alright *winks*

SPOTTED: Sugar Dressing

Fancy more prints but yet looking for a simple top? Have a look see at this one over here! A sleeveless piece with pleats at the neckline and 'em funky prints all over. Nothing too bold or loud of course but nevertheless a perfect blend! Woot! Simplicity, is the key here! *winks*


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