Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cat in a Bowl

This week's e-shop of the week is...

I've like always wondered why they named it that, it's just so cute a name, no? Like Cat in a Bowl, Hamster in a Cup? *giggles* Oops.. Let's get back to business

This polka dot chiffon dress is nothing short of ordinary alright. It's cute, its got puffy sleeves a coop neckline and to top it all off in chiffon? My, what else can be sweeter than this baby? *giggles* Oh, and you know what? There is a self tie shoulder sash as well too! *squeals!

And what's this? Sandals? I think our next love to bags has gotta be shoes! Or it could be our first love! Oh, the dilemma! Plus, how can your resist such a gorgeous unique look? Suede fringe mind you with embroidery added to it!

And don't forget the pinafore alright. Yup, a once sold out item but they have managed to restock it *grins* And not only so, its denim, can? With self tie straps that allow you to adjust the length of this oh-so-cute pinafore!

And yes, dresses galore here. We have got 'em eyelets, 'em boho prints and even maxi dresses, like it's so the season's most wanted can?! What more in floral prints? Woot! So many for you to choose from! Be spoilt for choice here already!

Nah-uh, I ain't done yet babes

They have got this cute ruffled toga top, which seems to be the "IN" thing, eh? And ohh.. of course you can like wear it off shoulder too!

And to top it all off with a simple basic top! With many a shiny metallic bows arranged in the shape of a heart of course *grins*

Ohh.. and don't forget 'em tube tops as well! They are also another necessity, can? *giggles* Plus, this one has got a little star brooch on it that is totally detachable! And a peek-a-boo design at the back? Sexy!

So, yummy for more? Head over there already!


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