Sunday, July 27, 2008

After a long hiatus, and she's back!


What say you to an off shoulder top and one that bares your midriff? *winks* I'd say sexy-licious alright! Slightly scrunched up to give it an extra touch, pair it up with a bikini top to make this one a hit at the beach, or off the beach for the matter *giggles*


Here we have another charmbracelet with 'em flower charms and little crystals all over *grins* Aww.. ain't that sweet? I sure think so. Plus if you worry about it being too loose that it slips off your wrist, no worries babe, and the length is totally customizable to fit you!

SPOTTED: A'xteqs

Nothing like a little floral in the picture can? Another one of 'em sundresses for y'all ladies. I totally *heart* the adjustable straps where you can adjust the length to suit you! Wear it as a dress or even top it with some other top on the inside to make a brand new outfit altogether!

SPOTTED: Dubleve Fashion

They bring you fashionable goods from all over the world! Goodies that you can't get here previously until they made their presence known! Come have a look-see at what you can get!

Like BOUTIN by Micah Boutin

A tow toned dress, yup, we can't get enough of 'em! And what more with a bustier top and matched with 'em nude satin lower half of the dress? That has surely gotta be something awesome to own and of course to wear out to show the world. Plus, it like so flatters that gorgeous body of yours already!

Oh, you're hungry for more aren't you? *winks*

So go check out their whole collection already!


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