Friday, July 11, 2008

Dresses! More dresses!

Pink is the new black. And so is electric blue. Is it me or do they bring it real lots of halter items? This is like another halter dress! Empire waisted one too. Make it a weekend dress or better yet add some bling and hey, you can use it for more formal occasions too! Woot!

SPOTTED: Enchanting Hearts

Look! Another dress! And it's not just any dress alright. This one comes with a puffy hemline Awesome, no? *grins* Totally! Plus, it being so simple, make it your LBD. Be it for events or for other occasions, it's good to go! Versatility? You got it!

SPOTTED: Behind the Seam

Lovin' 'em two toned dresses? Look who's back with more! The best part of it is, it's part cotton and part satin! Totally love the combo, no? Wearing it with comfort AND style! *grins* That's what we want, value for our moolah!


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