Friday, July 11, 2008

I so miss saying this, UPDATES!

Yay! More of 'em on the way!

SPOTTED: Doggy Duty

Bags! Bags! More bags!

Inspired by none other than Chanel itself. This is a versatile bag, be it a tote, or a sling. Wear it your way, your style. Plus, like so colourful can? Mix and match with your outfits with this unique one of a kind bag! Don't wanna miss out on something gorgeous such as this, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Tick Tock 365

Just when I thought the precious post was full of cardis and such for us to choose from, here are more! A cropped hoodie with stars that is. Hmm.. I love that shade of grey, somehow looking at it makes the whole hoodie look comfy already! What say you? *grins*

SPOTTED: SugarPoppins

If you're into sheer goodies, then this one might just suit your taste well. Sheer button down piece that is from none other than H&M. That's right. This piece here? Brought back all the way from Hong Kong, a franchise of the Swedish company itself. Woot! And they're even keeping it to the actual price! Fab!

SPOTTED: The Bouncing Bananas

Now that's one hot looking tube dress alright. Notice the necklace? Wear it as a halter with the dress or detach it to wear it separately. Your choice, your call to the way you wanna wear your dress! *grins* Totally awesome, no? Plus, I so *heart* the design. Don't you?

SPOTTED: Shopaholix Bar

Now that's another hot looking halter top alright! The glitz and the glam all packed into one yummy piece! Woot! like babes, why don't you wanna own this already? *grins* I would. Pair it with 'em denim jeans and voila! Fantabulous can! I reckon it'll make do a good clubbing top?

SPOTTED: Hokey Pokey

Miss out on the Little Miss series? Want more? guess who brought more in!

Not only are they little miss tees, there are also mr. men! *grins* Now you can wear one and your sweetheart can wear one too! aww.. come on. Let your hair down a little. Have some fun with your dear other half! *giggles*


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