Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dum dee dum dum

Would you believe it? another brand new e-shop to join us! Woot! Like this is insane! There are so many seriously I don't know if I can keep track anymore! O.o

SPOTTED: Oh, popsicles!

What's that? a smocked tube mini dress? A skirt? Totally depends on how you wanna wear it alright! I reckon this would fit just right in the versatility section, no? Plus, totally dig the design of this skirt/dress! So summer time, can?!

SPOTTED: Marshmallow

Hey look at thisQ another maxi dress! Like OMG, so elegant can?! Totally perfect for those fancy dinners and the like of it. Simply stylish this one. You have gotta agree with me on this alright *winks* For such an affordable price, STEAL!

SPOTTED: A Model's Studio

Another cowl neck top! Awesome! Best part is, they always always update on time without fail! Totally *heart* this top. A halter and a cowl neck. Shows off your sexy back, can? Like get yours now! Before they run out os stocks! *winks*


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