Thursday, July 10, 2008

‘em tube tops

Seems like we're going nowhere but retro style these days and don't get me wrong, I ain't complaining, they actually look so good! Come have a look-see!

SPOTTED: Dolly Sins

Here we have the ribbon tie at the front! Alright. Nothing like twisting some designs around and voila! Here we have something new and uber gorgeous! Plus, it is hot pink AND black. Like so the right colours for the right kinda design, no? Check out the lacey bits at the hemline. Makes it even more oh-so-sexy!

SPOTTED: Stitch Project

Now stripes we seen plenty, like whoa.. in abundance. But how about one on a tube top? And not only that, it has a buckle tie at the front as well. One which is adjustable and allows you to tie it the way you want it! Awesome, no?

SPOTTED: Shop Like a Celeb

Lots ribbons and even more all over the top! Woot! pink AND black again! Now, sexy colour combo, no? *grins* Not only do they have designs round the tube, check out the design on the tube top itself! Looks lovely ain't it? *giggles*


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