Thursday, July 10, 2008

More add ons that you don’t wanna miss out on

More charms for handphones! First they came in pairs, for 'em loverbirds and BFF. Now we have a trio batch. Like say, more BFF? Or sisters? Or mummy and sister? Granny, mummy and you? Come on, granny can be a funky granny too! *winks*

SPOTTED: Jasz's Jewellery Box

Keychains with clock and charms. What say you? I'd say OMG gimme, gimme now! *grins* I mean like doesn't it remind you of like coach keychains or something? I do see similarities! Plus, check the one on the right out. Like so shopaholic, can?

SPOTTED: Sze's Accessories

A whole new range called bloom focusing on none other than flowers of course *grins* And they're all glasswork work of art! Plus, these are just earrings, there are way lots more for this collection alright! Check it out babes. You know how it goes, grab it before its gone!


Your sister in shopping

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