Monday, July 7, 2008

Hee. I changed the header. Actually had this for a while already. Credits to White Label (as y'all can tell I'm noob when it comes to design and such)

Wanna know why?

A Shopaholic's Den is going through a mini revamp

More features

On the way..

Gotta hit 'em books first!


PS. I so miss blogging can!


Your sister in shopping


The Pollyanna Syndrome said...

Hi The Pollyanna Syndrome now sell gladiator flats. Do promote it for us in your page aite? Thanks. :)

Tenladytoes said...

I love your new header shopaholic's den! Keep up the good work =D! & it will be better if you can have a banner link so that I can link you back instead of a word link so that I can say thanks =)!