Thursday, July 10, 2008

Freshies, newbies!

Whoa.. like who would have thought a week of absence would result in he appearances of so many brand new e-shops? *grins*

And yes.. me back! Woot!

So glad exams over I tell you, it's like so-headache-every-day-trying-to-remember-stuff can? Anyways, not to ramble about it, let's see what we got new on the block!

Psst.. I also realised like so many new review blogs as well! So this might be err.. not so fresh from the oven news? Anyhow.. check 'em out!

SPOTTED: 10 Things I love about me

If you're crazy about- bags like me, actually I think I go crazy about just almost everything tee-hee, then this might be the bag you're looking for! Nothing short for casual yet it comes with a twist! Like the size of it isn't fab enough, but check out the colour combo and.. you have got to take notice of the yummy-licious bag charm that is attached to it! *grins* awesome, can? Not only does it save you the trouble for hunting something absolutely gorgeous to go with the gorgeous bag, you have got it made out for you! Woot! Totally detachable if you wanna hang you keys with 'em and otherwise! *giggles* I loike it!

SPOTTED: Velvet Ribbon

And they hit off in their 2nd update (already?!) with Bohemian style baby! Woot! I just had a friend who mentioned to me the other day about- how she loves 'em Bohemian style *giggles* Awesome, no? Make it a skirt and pair it with a basic top or.. wear it as a tube dress! Now that's versatility, no? Totally awesome! Like you get to make two outfits with one piece! Pair it with different cinchers every time you wear it, makes it all brand new once more! Woot!

SPOTTED: The.Attires'.Attic

A square neck top that's paired with gorgeous embroidery details at the collar. Ahh.. nothing like something loose, comfy and totally pretty, can? *grins* plus, the top is in chilli red too! Woot! Screams, FIRE HOT babes! *giggles* Plus, you don't always gotta wear 'em body hugging clothes to look flattering and showing 'em curves. Pair this with skinny jeans and I'd say it'll look flattering too! Like a match between sexy and chic! *giggles*

SPOTTED: Goddess City

Looking fo r'em high waisted belts? Cinchers? Whatchamacallit? Then take a stop here where they brought in nothing but cinchers! And really, they look so awesome, especially the bow one! And I thought for a minute back then they were all gone! Awesome, they managed to snag some for us *grins* plus, plus, I really doubt this is all they will bring in, no? A hot off with a collection of cinchers. I wonder what's next. Can't wait!

SPOTTED: Got Bloom-ed?

No one said all button down tops gotta be striped, no? *giggles* That's right. Now we have 'em with dots too! So cute can? Totally retro style! And.. not only that, check out the pleated cuffs at the end of the sleeves! Totally something extra to take note of! And going for such a fab price? O.o Like OMG, grab it before it's gone alright? Don't say I didn't warn ya! *winks* STEAL this one babes! Btw, like the name of the shop is like so inspired by the shopaholic series, no?

So what are you waiting for? Check 'em out now! *grins*

Like OMG, you can totally make several outfits from the stuff in this one post! Want more for that outfit? Check out the next post for accessories and shoes! *beams*


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