Friday, July 18, 2008

Hungry, awake and blogging

SPOTTED: xoxo.chic

And this one here, the buttons and the whole pinafore look to it? Definitely still in trend alright. Adjust the sleeves and tuck it in to make do a tube top! Voila! Versatility in the house babes! What more when it's available in simple basic colours that are ever so easy to match with! *grins* Fab!

SPOTTED: soul chic

Another tube dress? Oh yes babes! It could be a mini tube dress or a long top for the taller babes. Actually I think now we can wear most of the clothes in more than one way, no? *giggles* Plus this top/dress? Has got this gorgeous sexy back! *winks* Sweet, can?

SPOTTED: Poodekat Meow

Smocked tube dress with embroidered Mother Nature designs on 'em! Awesome! Of course we would need to be careful when it comes to washing but then again, how could you resist something that looks so good? *giggles* plus, you know how it can be made into a skirt too, no?


Your sister in shopping


xoxo.chic said...

Thanks for the review babe! Been a silent reader for ages, so it's a real honour all right ;)


Your sister in shopping said...

xoxo.chic: You've just been reviewed again babes! =) Thanks for being a reader!