Friday, July 18, 2008

What do we have for today?

SPOTTED: Clothesbucket

Monokini? Bikini? What do you fancy? She has got 'em all for you right here with their summer fun post. And they sure brought in heaps alright this time. with so many designs to choose from, there is no limit as to how many pairs of bikinis and swim wear one can own *giggles*

And.. you like so gotta check out like this halter, can? Totally dig the colour AND the sequins at the hemline too! And of course you can totally play around with the straps and make it into a tube top! Woot!

SPOTTED: Oh, popsicles!

And we have another one of those halter cum tube top with stripes! Stripes are still in and they come in all colours now too! Like this one here, totally like so sailor babe, can? tee-hee. I think so! Pair it with shorts and head to the beach for that gorgeous tan already!

SPOTTED: Uber Love by Miss Lyana

Or would you like to opt for a two toned halter top instead? One with bright colours that is sure to call for attention and be in tuned to the summer season! Happy colours brighten one's day. So share the happiness already babes *grins*


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