Saturday, July 26, 2008

Late night post!

Its been a while since I blogged so late. I think?


Bag charms again! Woot! And now with a heart charm that says made with love. And indeed it is made with love this one, for the one you truly love only, no? Ahh.. bestie? Sister? Mum? Girlfriend? Whoever the receiver is, she sure is glad to know she is loved *winks*

SPOTTED: Tick Tock 365

High waisted skirts are still in fashion. And I think they will be for along more time too. But what about tulip skirts? Ok, this is a personal liking but I just find them so uber pretty, can? *giggles* Like I totally adore the design! Don't you too?

And my oh my, did they have a massive update or what. You can like so many outfits combo with this update they brought in alright. They even got 'em bags! So go check it out already!

Speaking of making an outfit, we started off with a bag charm. Then we had 'em bags. Skirts and tops. Now we have shoes!

SPOTTED: Velvet Ribbon

Wedges? Gladiators? Yes, they have not gone obsolete yet! So grab 'em while you can and not miss out this time. This is just a sneak peek ya know. Got plenty more from where that came from alright. Don't believe me? Then go check it out already!


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