Saturday, July 26, 2008

SPOTTED: Clothesbucket

Now how about that? A denim inspired piece? Make it a denim trench coat inspired piece alright! Love the cutting for it and yes, match it with opaque tights and stilettos for that killer look already! It maybe always hot here in Malaysia, but that ain't gonna stop you when you got goodies like this screaming: BUY ME!

SPOTTED: Little Dressing Room

You know how everyone thinks a tube top is like meant for clubbing only kinda thing? Well, no! Especially when you come across 'em like this? you can definitely wear it out to anywhere. While its simple, it's definitely radiating elegance already, no?

SPOTTED: Rockstar chic

Try something more.. classy why don't you? A simple shirt, yes. But, it comes with a faux belt attached to it to give you that empire waist look alright. Now, that has gotten your attention, no? *grins* Why not? Plus the whole puffy sleeves together with it, I would grab it before its gone!

SPOTTED: Hidden Boutique

Another sun dress. This time with tie-dye style. Ahh.. that would look fab with a bikini, no? *giggles* I'd think so too! Imagine, sun, sea, sand and sun dress with a sexy hot bikini! Ooo.. sweet. Like this is only one of the many colours for you to choose from! Go see what else they have!

SPOTTED: Dress Cube

Another yellow! Yes, that is the new black! What more when you can have it as an off shoulder piece, no? Oh, the flower pin? Totally detachable and you can pin it where ever you like. It is like so your choice, can? *winks*

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