Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Look who has a whole load of dresses!

A newbie is in town!

SPOTTED: PreCiousManneQuinZz

That's right. Another new e-boutique for us crazy shopaholics! *grins* and they have brought it so much! Like really, so much clothes! Come have a look-see!

First off, we have 'em versatile tube/halter dress with 'em yummy-licious prints! Wear it the way you want it and go party with these funky-licious prints babes! Wear them loud, wear them proud!

Another halter dress with 'em floral prints! Like so summer dresses, no? *grins* especially like the red one, a bit of a festive feel to it but oh buy, the red is one killer dress, no? Sexy-licious is the right term this one!

Moving on to something more casual, they have 'em bubbly prints for a simple sleeveless dress! *giggles* So cute and fun loving this look, no? Plus, easy to go for any casual weekend. Just grab this dress, a tote and some slip ons and woot! You're ready baby!

Like what you see? Want some more? Then head over there already to check out what else is new! Clickety-click!


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