Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Of delayed updates

Updates, are nevertheless updates, no? A tad bit delayed... by a few hours...
SPOTTED: White Label

Clutches a plenty we have seen. How about pouches? And jot just an pouch, it's one with 'em glitters babe! It's small enough to be a hand held pouch yet just enough to fit in your necessities. Bring it to dinners, to clubs, to casual dates? You so don't need an occasion to bring this baby out alright when you're just dying to show it off! *grins* No?

SPOTTED: A Fashion Obsession

And yes, they have done it one more time with 'em truckloads of updates!

A long knitted cardi long enough to be a minidress? *winks* plus, check out the buttons, they're seashell buttons babe! Woot! Now, that's something different, no? And I'd say, it would look so good paired with a pair of skinny jeans! Or, a mini? *grins* It just looks so uber comfy and snag it before it's gone!

And.. another off shoulder piece babes! Not only that, choose to wear it the way you want it! make do a basic off shoulder, or cross it or leave it to your imagination to come up with different combinations everytime you wear this piece! And plus, the sides are totally adjustable too! Woot!

SPOTTED: Sassy Fashion Tinkles

And.. they are so back with more bags for us lot! Woot!

Like 'em big? Like 'em small? Like 'em with 'em mock croc look? They have brought it in all for you lot babes! *grins* Ain't that awesome? Something for everyone! Plus, they are going for prices so low it's unbelievable! No more than RM 28 for each bag! OMG, STEAL!

Plus, this is just a sneak peek! Want more? Better head over there now!

SPOTTED: Candy Treats

Ooo.. a dress? A sexy piece alright! Check out the lace features on this one at the neckline and the halter tie? Like so sexy can turn heads, no? *grins* Plus the belt is like so part of the package too! Now, that's an awesome deal! *grins*

Ohh.. another sexy-licious dress? *winks* and this one is in satin. Ahh.. don't we love the smooth sweet feel of satin on our skin? Especially when it's paired with all the lacey details and such? Sweet... plus it's got an awesome sexy back to it too! *grins*

They brought in truckloads too alright! And say, why don't you go find out what else is there?

Wanna know who brought in more bags?

SPOTTED: Trendy Confessions

Summer bags! Casual totes! Comes in all shapes and size babes! And not to mention all sorts of colours as well. If you wanna be spoilt for choice, then this is like so the place to be alright! *grins* Massive uploads. They brought in so much that their updates extended to the 2nd page! Ohh.. they brought in more than bags alright! Like go check it out. I ain't spoiling no surprises here! *giggles*


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