Thursday, July 10, 2008

Match it the way you want it

Puffy sleeves with a halter sash. If this doesn't make you feel like a princess, what does? *giggles*plus, pairing it with a cincher? Totally awesome idea too. Going for an affordable price, you better gets yours now while all the colours are still available! Wouldn't wanna miss out on something so good, no?

SPOTTED: Katzi Couture

The top earlier?

Pair it with this outfit and you'll look almost, if not better than the modelled picture! Check out this formal skirt! With bow and 'em pleats, this skirt is formal, oh yes, but nevertheless chic enough to make do a casual day out or any other events. Throw some style into it babes! Plus, its satin. Don't let this gorgeous piece slip off your hands!

SPOTTED: Goddess City

Or would you like to match it with a long pencil skirt? Like so corporate chick, can? Mmm.. like so Lucy Liu from Charlie's Angels. Alright! Plus, note the buckle? Part of the skirt! No need to go hunting for a matching cincher and what not when the skirt speaks for itself already! Wear it smart and proud babes!


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