Thursday, July 10, 2008

Warm yourself up!

A hoodie with 'em hearts splashed all over it. Sweet. Plus totally comfy for 'em days when there is air con blasting away. Don't need to huddle up when you can put on this hoodie that totally brightens up your day and probably others' too! Plus, you gotta take note of the star shaped studded zipper! Woot!

Ahh.. nothing like the comfy V-neck knitted cardi can? Oh so comfy that is. But wait, check out the sexy back and suddenly this ain't so your average cardi no more! The wonders of what a little detail can do for a piece like this! Awesome, no? *grins*

SPOTTED: Dressing Lab

Oh yes, she's back with more than ever before! Knitted cardis that is. And they look.. absolutely gorgeous, can? *grins* Like wouldn't you wanna get your hand son one already? There are so many colours available too! While stocks last of course. *winks*

A little something for the ladies who have a hard time looking for something to fit them due to their height, which personally I find a blessing because erm, I'm not that tall. Anyways, bold stripes on a long cardi! Alright! Like the perfect length for y'all babes, no? Plus, totally comfy as well!

SPOTTED: Pandora Gallery & Boutique

Moved on to more cropped cardis now. And this one hase got 'em lace details too. Wear it with style. Wear it with elegance. Make do in the work place or even to events. The details on this one? Totally awesome. Double thumbs up alright *grins*

SPOTTED: .Stop.Shop.Splurge.

Or you may wanna settle for something a little more simple. Not too much details. Just a simple ruffled hemline and a ribbon tie in the middle for it. A little something to pop on the causal days, perhaps? Plus cropped cardis are so easy to bring around that you wouldn't need much space in the bag for 'em!

Or would you rather a jacket? And go military style? With 'em big bold buttons and the oh-so-smart collar to match it with. It has even got pockets too! Look smart. Look chic. Look good in this jacket babes! Like make this yours already!


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