Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mixed up post this one is. See, even my grammar is all jumbled up O.o

SPOTTED: PiercedArt

More tongue rings for you lot and this time, they come in the cutest designs ever! Fancy a strawberry on your tongue? Or why not go for a ladybird? *giggles* they are so uber cute can? not only earrings get to be this cute, tongue rings can too!


Hand phone charm that says made for an angel. Ahh.. this is like the perfect gift for someone you hold dear, no? 4words, a simple charm, what more can a simple gesture ask for? Something simple, but nevertheless speaks of a thousand words that can be held to heart, make this the gift for that angel

SPOTTED: Diary of a Miniature Enthusiast

You know how the whole thing about saving Mother Nature has been going on, no? Then why not don on a pair of earrings that speak the message? Though not made from actual leaves (of course not, it'll rot and die!) but a replacement with beads. Still sends the same message, no? And am beginning to take a liking for green myself!

And then, we have more choices for pixel beads as well! Woot! Oh, you do know you can customize pixel beads too, no? *giggles* Seriously, what can we not customise these days? So got something on your mind? Make it into art with the help from 'em!

SPOTTED: xoxo.chic

More floral prints? Have a go with this tube top then! Splattered all over a black background, the colours stand out and are oh so gorgeous! Totally dig the simple design for it and all too! Like, it's perfect to give a tinge of the oriental look plus totally sexy too!

SPOTTED: Thrills for Frills

Ohh.. this abstract design dress? Totally dig the colour combo for this one alright! You have one, two, three, four.. erm, you get my drift. So many colours all matched into one dress! I loike it! *giggles* Don't you too? *winks*


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