Sunday, July 20, 2008

Reader’s Stories

Here are some of the accounts from the readers, who were disappointed customers

Scenario #3

Customer X bought an item from e-shop Y. However, upon arrival of the goodies, it was found that it was defective. In order to resolve the case, the e-shop owner gave the customer 2 options. To bear charges for delivery to and fro in exchange for the same item or a rebate on the next purchase. Customer X is disappointed and is now somewhat sceptical about the level of customer service of e-shop owners

What say you?

Personally, I have encountered a similar scenario but it was resolved in a nicer manner where I did not have to bear postage fee. However, I do agree with customer X that the e-shop owners should nevertheless have checked the goods before posting it out and also in instances of exchange, the customer should not have to bear such charges. What more, this affects the e-shop's reputation as well as the customer's trust in online shopping.

Scenario #4

In another case, customer M purchased an item through COD. As the e-shop owner was in a hurry, there was no time to thoroughly check for defects of the item. Turns out that there were defect on the item contrary to the claim by the e-shop that "Goods sold are brand new and in good condition". This has then stopped the customer from making further purchases from that particular e-shop and also warns her friends about the same issue

Nevertheless, customer M is happy with her purchases with other e-shops where goods arrive the next day upon payment.

What say you?

Looks like the issues aren't just the ones with postage but with COD as well. Again, we see how it affects the whole relationship between the customer and e-shop owner, no? And we definitely need more e-shops like the latter where service is fast, reliable and dependable.

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