Thursday, July 10, 2008

Now we like so can’t live without these, no?

How can an outfit be complete when there are no accessories??

SPOTTED: Joan Beads House

Another new accessories bloggie!

Earrings? Here they are! Some hook earrings for y'all ladies that are bound to be a great match not only for the formal events but well, they'll do great for any other events as well! Play with 'em colours! 'em designs and the lot!

What would we do without 'em charmbracelets? First there were the meaningful friendship ones, the Tiffany& Co. ones and now you can totally personalise and choose charms that represent who yoy are as a person! Like get one already if you haven't and well if you already have one, or some, get more!

Now, even the handphones deserve some attention, no? *giggles* Especially when everyone nowadays all carry similar designs of handphones! What more to add a little jazz to it with some uber cute and pretty charms that speak your personality and totally mark the phone as yours! I'll bet you'll get loads of attention with these pretty jewels hanging off your phones alright!

*grins* Fab? Want more? Then check out her site today!

I ain't done yet babes!

SHOES!! Don't forget 'em shoes!

SPOTTED: Soulchic

Peep toe heels?


Pointed end heels?

Your pick?

I would take all if I could! *grins*

And this is like so a teaser, can? There are heaps more from where those come from and guess what? Sizes are available from 4 up to 9! Some of 'em even come in different colours too *giggles* Now, shall we like see who's the lucky babe to bag those shoes? You know how crazy we girls can get over 'em shoes! Especially when they look so good! Say.. the wedges are available in my size *grins*

SPOTTED: The Pollyanna Syndrome

More gladiator flats for y'all ladies who missed out on 'em! Now you see 'em in silver but they're totally available in other colours as well! Black and bronze are restockable and they still got sizes left! So hurry before even the supplier runs out of stocks! You know how all the previous shops that sold 'em in just a jiffy, no? Wait no more!


Your sister in shopping

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