Thursday, July 17, 2008

She's back with a bang! Who?

SPOTTED: Dainty Dresser

Wee-hoo! Lotsa goodies from abroad too! Definitely stuff we don't see round often alright. Come, come, check it out!

Checkered dresses we had a whole variety laid out for us. Now let's have a go at some checkered shorts! She brought in those hot pants that were oh-so-colourful and now she has more of 'em in checks! Will this be another best seller too? *winks*

And.. this is like a personal favourite thing. Always found the whole tulip dress idea somewhat fascinating. Just a little uneven hemline makes a huge difference, no? *grins* and the buttons to add on it, really makes this a unique piece, can? *giggles*

Head over to check out what else she brought in this time after the mini hiatus!

SPOTTED: Myra's Online Boutique

Floral prints? Yes, we got 'em a plentiful alright. Here it is with some puffy sleeves too! *giggles* Cute and pretty all in one. Why wouldn't you wanna own it again? Especially when it's offered at such a fab price! And ohh.. do take note of their Super Thursday which is happening tomorrow when one item goes for such an unbelievable low price! *grins*

SPOTTED: White Label

And look! More floral prints! Woot! Am like seeing them blooming everywhere, literally, on the clothes of course! Tee-hee. And it's in yellow too! I reckon it's gonna so be the new black alright this one, no? And.. of course they're available in other colours as well. So take your pick!


And yes, they have updated alright. And with a whole range of colours once more! This is like so the place to visit when you want a dash of colours to brighten up your wardrobe *giggles* Like this tunic here? Match it with skinnies or leggings! One outfit all ready for you! There are many more of course, go check them out! Limited in number, so hurry!


Your sister in shopping

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