Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Halt for a second there!

I know this is like technically a shopping review blog and what not but that doesn't mean a girl shops ALL the time, no? I mean our boyfriends and parents would beg to differ but you know, we do other things too, no?

And this is a special announcement to you babes out there

Do your part to save Mother Nature! (See, even the font turned green!)


All you need to do is 3 simple steps. Like really simple, which most of us girls have perfected the art of it already. Trust me. YOU would be so fab at this.

What is it then??

Read up now babes

Step 1: Take a picture of yourself holding a sign with a message along the lines of 'Stop Global Warming'. Use your creativity, go wild! (Like come on babes, I know there are plenty of creative juices hidden there!)

Some samples for you to look-see

Step 2: Upload it on the event photos / your profile. Send them a message at:

Step 3: Your pictures will be displayed at an exhibition!

OMG, like so easy can? *grins* So go do it now!

Check out their Facebook profile for more info at:

Take your shot today! A simple contribution to save mother nature!


Your sister in shopping

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