Thursday, July 31, 2008

SPOTTED: Cat in a Bowl

More two-toned goodies up for grabs! Now we have 'em on a tank top, the top half white and the bottom with buttons and polka dots? How awesome is that?! *grins* It's like retro yet casual all in one piece, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Curv Luxur

Oh.. a brand new one! And with another puffy sleeved top? Ahh.. I loike it! *grins* Plsu in that shade, who wouldn't right? Definitely worth an add on to our closet with this one here. Check them out for more!

SPOTTED: Delicious Curves

More dresses? And yes, yet another new one! OMG, they're like all over the place now. Oh, well gives us better choice, no? *grins* Check out the embroidery on this one here! I think its gorgeous, don't you? *winks* And then you better see what else they have then!


Your sister in shopping

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