Thursday, July 31, 2008

SPOTTED: Velvet Ribbon

Ohh.. what a pretty little mini dress she's got there! sweet pink paired with lace and crochet details, what else could be better than this? *grins* And.. not to forget this dress can be made into a gorgeous skirt as well! That's so versatile, can?

SPOTTED: Stitch Project

Ahh.. don't you miss these baby tees? On days when we don't feel like wanting to go plain and lazy to accessorize, opt for tee like this one here! *winks* match it with those jeans and be ready to roll!

SPOTTED: Bebel Nina

Ok, if pictures aren't your thing, then are statement tees your thing? *winks* Comes in long sleeves, something that we haven't got to see round much, no?


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