Thursday, July 31, 2008

SPOTTED: Dressing Lab

That sexy pencil skirt? Of colour so versatile that it'll be a good match for anything? *winks* Yes, she has brought that in for you babes and not only that, they are selling out fast too! if you want your hands on a piece then you better make a move like pronto! Wouldn't wanna miss out on 'em alright? Plus, she does have some maxis in store too!

SPOTTED: Frozen Petalz

Another high waisted goodie, this time in a pinafore style. Two rows of uber cute buttons and ohh.. check out the little sexy slit at the back *winks* makes it fun. Flirty and sexy all at the same time in one piece already! *grins* I'd say get it even though you have one pinafore or more. tee-hee

SPOTTED: .Stop.Shop.Splurge.

Have a go at a two toned blouse why don't you? A little puffy sleeved one with 'em lace roung the neckline and sleeves? Aww.. uber cute, can? Totally! And what more, the top layer of satin whilst the other half complemented with cotton to give that figure an extra flattering look!

SPOTTED: Myra's Online Boutique

Feast your eyes upon one of this week's Super Thursday deals! Yes, this is just one of it, a button down shirt complete with little teeny weeny polka dots all over it. *giggles* For such a fab price, you better grab it quick alright! Everything else seems to be sold out already!


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