Thursday, July 31, 2008

SPOTTED: soulchic

Here's another LBD for tonight. One with 'em big pussy bow right smacked in the centre too! *grins* And yes, everything about it just speaks for itself, the length, the ruffles at the hemline, the pussybow. Yummy-licious *winks*

SPOTTED: Divas Fashionista

And they are bringing you goodies from Forever 21! No joke! *giggles* Now we get them at such a fab price you really don't wanna miss it *winks* This cute babydoll top with those adorable buttons? And the gathers at the bust? Cute!

SPOTTED: Girls Bazaar

And then we have more basic tops yet again! Totally love these long tunics with 'em square necklines. They definitely deserve a place in our closet alright! What would we do without them?!

SPOTTED: Fashion Clothings and Accessories

Ahh.. so they're here. The watch rings, or ring watches? Oh well, see for yourself to find out what I'm talking about!

Unique aren't they? Now you can carry the time on this little gorgeous accessory! Woot!


Speaking of accessories, here's another. With 'em Eiffel Tower! Aww.. that's really sweet, no? I always had this little dream of going to Paris and see it for myself, with my loved one of course *Winks* Anyways, this is a new e-shop and not only so, they carry plenty of gorgeous clothes as well! Check 'em out already!


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