Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tired of 'em baby tees? Want some more comfy tees? Then they have just the thing here for you with their new batch! These basics come in three different colours with 'em slightly flutter, only slightly that is, sleeves! Ahh.. nothing like 'em to slim down our arms, no? *grins* Plus, who doesn't need basics?

SPOTTED: Dressing Lab

She had 'em striped and now she has 'em with a rose at the neckline too! these halter tops are so good to go be it with a high waisted skirt or paired with skinnys! You sure don't wanna miss out on this one alright, especially when it comes with a sexy back! *winks* Plus, the high waisted skirt? She has got it in stocks for you too! Woot!

SPOTTED: Piercedart

Anf then they come up with such irresistible designs like these? A rocking horse and a little star shaped safety pin! *giggles* So cute can? reminds us totally of 'em childhood times, no? And hwat more as a belly ring! Wear it with style this one!

SPOTTED: Ugly Duckling

Here we have another batch from her! Her clothes are always so unique, can? *grins* this time with stripes a ribbon sash and with pockets too? I dare say it somewhat is like a gorgeous pinafore too, no? *winks* Or just make it a dress. Either way it looks fantabulous babes! And she has got some awesome dual toned dresses in store for you too!

SPOTTED: Absolutely Dress[ed] Gallery

Ohh.. look at the this dress here! It's so pretty! The pleats at the bust area, the ribbon and the cap sleeves and the neckline? Awesome! This can be your LBD alright! One of a kind but very unique and nonetheless chic. Good to go for events, dinners, dates and so many other more outings! Versatility is written all over this piece alright!


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