Wednesday, July 30, 2008

SPOTTED: Soak Republic

And they finally unveiled what they have been teasing us for so long! And OMG, are they gorgeous or are they gorgeous? *grins* Totally *HEART* the designs of these necklaces and earrings, even though I ain't a big fan of accessories myself. Have a look-see!

Pretty, can? And guess what?! They are plenty more from where that came from! *squeals!*

SPOTTED: Dolly Sins

Ohh.. they have got new goodies again?! Woot! Another two-toned dress is here and I always love their dresses! They are so yummy-licious that you have a hard time deciding which is it that you really want! *winks* Go for this one with the chilli red high waisted skirt or.. check out what other options they have got!


And how about that eh? Swirls of 'em summer blooms on a white background. Ahh.. gorgeous. Somehow when I see this I picture a stroll at the beach with 'em sunset and all. I know, I always sound like some romantic, but its true! I do love scenes like these *giggles* Even more when you find the right dress for it!


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blubbieMs said...

Hi, love your site. Nyways dropping in to let you know that your link to A Soak Republic is linked to bobobelly instead of their site. *wink*