Wednesday, July 30, 2008

At first I thought it was like a two-piece thing but no! It's a whole dress together *grins* And.. it's got checks and 'em bubbles together? *grins* Now that really makes it unique, no? It's like having two pieces together in a dress!


How about some more glads? This time slightly different but nonetheless still look fantabulous! Only one size each yea, so do not wait! Plus, available in other colours too! So hurry and mail in those orders already!

SPOTTED: Peekxie

And more quilted bags? In more colours too? ahh.. makes you wanna fork out more money and buy more, no? *grins* I know! There are just way too many to choose from, can? And we want 'em all!

SPOTTED: Bobobelly

And not to forget the ever so famous vest craze! Black, gold buttons, the slight pockets and ahh.. just the perfect fit already, no? If you still are searching for the perfect one, have a look see at this!


Your sister in shopping

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