Monday, July 28, 2008

Fancy the whole wear a vest look? Why not give it a twist and settle for this look? Ahh.. something different from what we're used to, no? And.. on top of it this is inspired by Topshop too! *grins* Oh. It's a one piece too, so you don't have to go hunting for like the perfect white top to go with it already!

SPOTTED: White Label

Brings you another one of those versatile dresses! Or maxi skirt? Wear it the way you like it babes, make it a dress today and a skirt tomorrow. With one piece, you can now try for so many different looks *giggles* Fab, no?

SPOTTED: Hello Fashionistas!

Ahh.. another pre-loved e-shop turned to bring in brand new goodies! *grins* Awesome. And look what we have here? More Chanel inspired bags! Woot! No longer do we need to fork out huge sums of moolah for 'em we can get 'em at such fab deals! And what more for something so versatile that make do a sling, a clutch or even a tote!

SPOTTED: The Girlie Closet

Now how about a knitted top? You must be thinking, "What?! In this hot weather?" Tee-hee. Wait till you see it

Voila! Wear this baby off shoulder and go for that ultimate sweet and petite look, can? *winks* The top is designed with cut outs to allow you to carry this look without perspiring at all! And plus the cutesy ribbon? Awesome!


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