Monday, July 28, 2008

Just when I thought hey, no more?

There they go!

SPOTTED: A Model's Studio

OMG, she got so much stuff uploaded can? This is like whoa.. massive updates!

Wanna be classy? Give it a go with 'em Victorian style! Like this, the ruffles, the lace and ohh.. looks fantabulous when paired up with a high waisted skirt, can? *grins* Totally hot chic and yes.. sizzling with style!

Or would you rather opt for a school girl look? Throw on this vest that has an attached collared white top to it. wear it with a long sleeve top on the inside to complete the look. Or why not match it with a checked school girl skirt too? Like so Gossip Girl? *winks*

And oh no you don't leave yet. I ain't done! Because with a fantastic jacket like this? In screaming red? You have gotta take it, no? Oh sod the hot weather. Use it for other times. We're not always under the sun anyways *winks*

Sneak peek only! There are plenty more from where that came from!


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