Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Accessories galore!

And they start off with 'em flutterby goodies! Seriously, I can like make a whole post on butterflies chrambracelets or something at the rate they keep appearing, no? *winks* like this one here? Not massively infested with butterflies but you get the hint alright? A little one will do the job and yes, check out for more of 'em!

SPOTTED: Clothesbucket

And oh my! Most of it is sold out already? *gasp* Sorry babes! I wish I could have shared it sooner! But they have this in yellow left *grins* And yes, yellow is in season, can? Plus, so is stripes *giggles* So, any takers already? You know how fast the stocks go alright!

SPOTTED: Fashionista Shoppe

And pleats are in season too? *grins* Like I totally dig yellow now. I'm gonna stock up on a yellow collection alright. It's so bright and happy! Why wouldn't you wanna wear that colour? And no, it wouldn't make you look like a banana, especially when it comes with pleats and blings! Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Dolly Sins

Ohh.. what a lovely dress. The silver? The high waisted skirt attached to it. The ruched bust. The ruffles. Mmm.. yummy-licious this one. Makes you look chic without going overboard alright. You know what I love about 'em? They always bring in such gorgeous dresses! *grins* No?

SPOTTED: Poppy Garden

And what would you say to a bag charm? *winks* Yes, there are more and more appearing nowadays with the amount of e-shops popping up alright! And this one? With the key charm? Ahh.. totally a good birthday gift, no? Especially for those turning 21 and all that!

I'm not done yet! More to come!


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