Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SPOTTED: Soulchic

How would you like to make a purchase that comes in a set? Saves us the trouble from hunting high and low for the perfect match, no? And what more this set looks so good, you wouldn't wanna wear it with anything else! Of course, if you have something else in mind, you can totally make separate purchases! Check out the webbie for more yummy-licious combos! Plenty more from where that came from! While stocks last!

SPOTTED: Fancy Cottage

How about have a go at a satin piece then? A one piece dress that is. And ohh.. check out the ring feature at the neckline, that's something different, no? *grins* Definitely! And.. yes it only comes in one colour. And I bet 'cha limited in numbers as well! Oh no! Who's up for it? Better hurry!

SPOTTED: Miut Miut

More pixel beads designs are up! And this time a whole collection of eyewear that is. Tee-hee. We got 'em yummy-licious ones to 'em nerdy ones too! Like whoever came up with the pixel beads are geniuses, no? It's like Lego. You can create anything and everything!


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