Thursday, July 24, 2008

This week's Super Thursday deal is.. *drum rolls*

A dress! And Ooo.. check out the puffy sleeves on this one babes! *grins* just a simple white dress perfect for a casual stroll, no? On the ways where you feel like having something simple on without having to be overly dressed, this is your pick!

SPOTTED: Dressing Lab

Bubbly, bubbly. How about taking a break from the floral prints and pop in some bubbles instead? This halter/spaghetti top is sure something different not only in the prints but in the design as well! Like we so need a fashion dictionary here already can?

SPOTTED: Clothesbucket

And then they bring in something from the series we love best, Gossip Girls! Like OMG, I so miss the show, can? They better get Season 2 out pronto! Anyways, for all you Blair Waldrof fans out there, now you can wear her style! Not the exact same thing, but you get my drift, no? *winks*


Ohh.. and if you're really, really crazy about vests, then I suppose you should have a look at this one here! A denim one that is, something different from your usual black and white, pinstriped ones. I'd say it brings out a tinge of 'em vintage classy look in this, no?


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