Thursday, July 24, 2008

Take some satin, match it with a high waisted skirt. Now how's that for a sexy combo eh? Except that this is a whole dress by itself! *grins* Now, that's awesome, no? Bustier top and a high waisted skirt to match it all in a dress! What a genius combo! *giggles* Sexy!

SPOTTED: Petite Treasures

Ohh.. and how about some polka dots on our hoodies eh? *grins* Something so cute, can? and polka dots are like an everlasting trend. Always, always the thing to wear and never out of place or out of style no matter what colour or size they're in! Same goes for this hoodie too!

SPOTTED: Red Heart Boutique

Ok, fair enough, you may not be a hoodie girl but then you would be a cardi girl, no? *winks* So here's something for you too! Tee-hee. Aww.. they won't just print all the nice prints on hoodies. The cardis get 'em too! And here you have 'em! While stocks last of course!


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