Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SPOTTED: Phlox Studio

Another newbie on the roll! Woot! and what do they have for us?

A vintage satin dress! Awesome, with all these vintage/retro/mod goodies popping up, I reckon we can throw theme parties already! Or did I already said this a few days ago? *giggles* oops! Memory fails me! Anyhow, totally love the blue and white where they contrast against each other, no? *winks*

And you know what, they carry goodies for men too! Alright! Plus point there! TING! So go check it out already!

SPOTTED: Modeliciouz

Another yellow top! *giggles* Now I'm going on a yellow frenzy, like literally. It's a simple top, really. But with an extra button there like that? *giggles* So cute! I mean, I got this thing with cuteness and all the intertwine or ruched at the bust tops, so don't mind me! But you have to agree with me that it looks good, no?

SPOTTED: Bewitchery

Now take a button down top. Add a huge ribbon there and voila! You get, this!

Oh, don't forget the pleats at the hemline too alright? *winks* something like this makes you wanna dress up for work, no? No more the typical boring clothes already! Out and away with them!

SPOTTED: Se.xx.y

Oh.. and this has got to be one of the sexiest dresses ever! Inspired by Topshop *squeals* and now they have it for us at what, half the price?! Oh my! *grins* And not only that, it is so Greek themed can? *winks* I *heart* it! Don't you too? Better hurry and grab 'em while you can alright, limited stocks! Call in your orders now!


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