Saturday, July 19, 2008

SPOTTED: White Label

Ooo.. a tie-dye kinda pattern is that? *giggles* haven't seen it in a while already and how they mix it is totally awesome! Like a bit of sunshine and the cool blue waves there. ahh.. Summer. Love the colours, love the clothes! And this off shoulder dress? Double thumbs up!


Ooo.. balloon skirt! Haven't seen that in a while definitely *grins* What more when it's bright red! Woot! Screams lady in red in the house! Best part of this is you can wear a simple top to go with it and it'll totally look fab because the skirt already says so much! Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Uber Love by Miss Lyana

Fancy a toga dress? As far as I know, in the past everything that has to do with a toga, always sells out like hot cakes! And this definitely will be no different, if not better! Make it a mini dress or into a top with this polka dotted toga! Plus the colours are totally so elegant, can?


Your sister in shopping

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