Saturday, July 19, 2008

Something y’all ought to know

Hmm.. received a couple of complaints here and there from readers and e-shop owners alike. Thought I'd share some thoughts with you. After all, sharing is caring, no?

Here are a few scenarios that have occurred

Scenario #1

Customer A had her eye on an item at e-shop B. Customer A banked in the money and to make purchase of the item. Customer A was promised the delivery of goods in the week following the payment. However, upon payment there was no reply from e-shop owner B. And.. 2 weeks have passed and there were no goods and no replies. There is no other way to contact e-shop owner B. Customer A has then loss not only money but confidence in the process of e-shopping

What say you?

I believe this would affect all customers and e-shop owners alike as something like that would then break the trust between customer and e-shop owner. Personally I suggest that e-shop owners and customer exchange numbers for other means of contact other than email as the Internet connection is prone to breakdown and also sometimes the mails end up in junk mails. If you're unavailable to reply your customers, do leave a notice such as activating the auto-responder in the email. Do not give out bogus numbers. And do not cheat your customer's for small deals as such if it was the case. After all, shopping is meant to be something we all enjoy, no?

Scenario #2

Customer C has agreed to meet e-shop owner D at a predetermined location for COD. However upon inspection of item, customer C decided she no longer wants the item.

What say you?

Fair enough that sometimes things don't turn out the way we expect it to be. After all there are discrepancies from what we see online and in reality. However this is one of the risks of shopping online. And personally I don't think it's a nice thing to do where each party takes the effort to meet up and then cancel out on it. Sometimes the e-shop owners gotta risk out other things in light of providing the best services to the customers

These are my personal opinions about the issues. Do feel free to comment whether you agree or disagree. And if you have your story to share, do email me and I'll post it up here so that everyone is aware of what's up with the e-shopping business. I bet 'cha if you were caught in such a situation, you would have love it if someone had told you about it before too, no?


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