Saturday, July 19, 2008

Threadszoo is back! Bigger. Better.


There was Bijou Bazaar. And there was Urbanscapes. And then, don't forget about Threadszoo!

Yup, it's another shopping fest where shopaholics gather together to sell, exchange, display, shop and socialize! Meet those e-shop owners, meet your clients, and meet new people! Enjoy 2 whole days of fun! Details? Read on!

The Event: CAP.zoo-ed
The Saying: The Gathering for Woodstock Traders
The Date: 9th & 10th August 2008
The Time: 12pm - 10pm , 12pm - 8pm
The Venue: CapSquare Centre, Kuala Lumpur

This time, they're back. A different theme. A different venue. More goodies for everyone! So what are you waiting for?!

Entertainers that will be at the event include: Bo - bedroom sanctuary,Janet Lee, SORRY, Kokokaina, MalokaiGruv, Slowjaxx, Lightcraft, Estrella, Furniture, Frasa, Kugilalensa, FLOW, PLAYGIRL feat Saphonic Acid, Funky Doryz, Scenic, Asboon, The Glance, 40Winks, Grape, Ashes of Scarlet, Deepset, Lord Sunny Day and SEVEN doing their thing

*grins* See you there!


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