Saturday, August 16, 2008

Accessories and what might go with them


Are you looking for something simple, just a simple charm where it speaks of plentiful? Something like this heart shaped one here? Well, make this yours then. There is nothing better than simplicity can? After all, it's the meaning you hold in it that matters!


And here is another too. This time with a solo angel's wing. Ahh.. speaking of being someone's angel? *grins* I shall not burst into some long romantic story of my own, so if this is the one for you, better hurry to own it!

So what might these match?

SPOTTED: Girl's Bazaar

That floral mini dress with the low neckline would definitely go with the accessories above. While the dress is full of motifs, the accessories can complement it with its simplicity *grins* One outfit, done! Woot!


Or..try that kimono inspired dress here from Moca. The simple block colours and the V-neckline are a sure go paired with a necklace alright *winks* Don't 'cha think so? Or else, opt for the tube top or even the tube dress!


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