Saturday, August 16, 2008

SPOTTED: Hugs and Jellyfishes

Always wondered why they named their e-shop that, it's uber cute don't you think? *grins* This gorgeous chiffon piece not only comes with beautiful bunches of flowers at the hemline but also a layer of lining so you wouldn't have to worry about indecent exposure and what not! So pretty can? Ooo.. makes you wanna skip all over the place already!

SPOTTED: Crazy Sunday Closet

Now that's one really nice crochet piece, no? Sleeveless and crochet too mind you, and what would look good with it is a really sexy black bikini. Mm.. yumm-licious can? *grins* Or you can always think of other ways to pair it with of course, and I reckon it'll still look fab!

SPOTTED: Pinkie Bliss

More kimono tops for y'all ladies? That's right, we never seem to get enough of these and what more in chiffon! Plus, it even comes with drawstring to create that sexy empire bust effect too! *grins* the sleeves, the cut, the whole design, love it? own it!

SPOTTED: Branded Items Spree

How about some high waisted denim shorts now? And not only that, they're from Forever 21! Woot! That's right, you can now get your very own pair from 'em a price that is way less *grins* Don't we love shopping even more now?


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