Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another new e-shop is in town!

SPOTTED: Glamorous Luxury

As the name goes, you probably have an idea about what they carry, no? *grins*

Here they have for us more Louis Vuitton inspired goodies! Woot! complete with colourful monograms of LV all over. Simple, funky and yet affordable too!

SPOTTED: Oozora.tang

And so have they joined the bandwagon, expanding their range to even more accessories for us. Here are a sneak peek of what they have! More brass goodies *giggles* They look so vintage and yet so chic at the same time. Totally a fab match with any outfit

SPOTTED: Pony Tales

Another cute babydoll tiered dress is here! Button it up or button it down to your liking. Show off 'em sexy legs with this one, be cute, look gorgeous all at the same time!

SPOTTED: Dainty Dresser

Are those flip flops? Yes, they are! And they look pretty funky don't they? Only available in limited number and sizes, so better hurry and grab it before you miss out on it!

SPOTTED: soulchic

Yet another chiffon piece from 'em! A sweet babydoll top that would do well as a pinafore as well! In chiffon, it gives that breezy look and feel, perfect for the hot weather!


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