Thursday, August 7, 2008

Need more fingers to type! =P

You know what, everytime I hit publish, there are more new e-shops appearing!!! I kid you not! I reckon there are heaps more out there for us to discover! Woot!

SPOTTED: Fashion Remedy

Loving 'em boho style? Then have a look-see at this tunic top with its embroidery round the neckline and hemline. Ohh.. and even at the sleeves too! *giggles* I reckon it can be a minidress for the petites, no? And it isn't pre-order babes! They are ready stocked for you!

SPOTTED: Roxy Fans

OMG, if you *heart* their goodies as much as I do then you have gotta check 'em out. They definitely have more designs to offer than what we see in stores! And like, way..... cheaper too! *giggles* Like this hoodie here? Only going at RM 95! You gotta believe it babes! I ain't joking here. Plus there are so many more designs! Go check it out already!

SPOTTED: Roxsta Studio

Ooo.. another one! Another one! OMG, I'm so excited though I'm like pretty tired. Heh. This halter top is so hot! Though it's just white but the the whole ribbed pleats at the lower half PLUS the lycra material? To die for can? Ok, I'm a halter kinda girl so I totally dig goodies like these! *grins*


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