Sunday, August 3, 2008

E-shop of the week: La’Belle Closet

Yet another week, yet another e-shop to be featured!

SPOTTED: La'Belle Closet

Let's start of with 'em tops alright? Here is one that's good to go for both work AND play. Like, seriously. The halter neck with 'em ruffles, go to work with style on this one and then head off for the night for some serious party-ing! Woot!

Ohh.. check out this versatile top here! With the buttons down the front, this is sure one cute tube top and hey you know what's versatile about it? This tube top can transform into a skirt! Voila! Plus it's totally up to you on how you wanna use the belt that comes along with it too, as a cincher or as a belt for the skirt *giggles*

Alrighty then, more dresses!

Ahh.. another two-toned baby? Don't we love 'em to bits? *grins* I do! They are like so mod yet chic and stylish altogether! Plus, wearing a tube dress means we got more excuses to accessorise too! Well, don't overdo it of course!

Throw in more patterns and we have 'em here like this. a puzzle piece? Or a floral piece? Or a stripey AND floral piece? The whole vintage look is still in, definitely *giggles* when is it not in? And simple dresses like these are definitely the thing we would wanna wear when we're in a rush and have got no time to look for the appropriate accessories, can?

Ohh.. and look what we have here! Two in one dresses! First, we have 'em cowl neck outer layer with a spag inner layer to go with it. I'd say this is one casual dress that you wanna have without under dressing yourself!

Or you can always opt for the hidden bikini look with this one here *giggles* Like so cute and sexy all in one with the peek-a-boo feature!

And.. another two in one, looks as if it's a cardi but NOT! It's a spag mini dress in the outside/cardi? O.o OMG, I don't even know what to call it! But it sure does look fab, no? Definitely something different and deserves a place in our wardrobe!

And last but not least, a knitted piece! Like you should really take a look at all the details in this one here alright. So much yet without overdoing it to make the dress look so fab! Of course, you can always wear it with something on the inside too *giggles* Up to you!

That's a lot of goodies there, no? But check out their webbie. There are more!


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