Sunday, August 3, 2008

Looks like everyone is expanding their range of goodies now, no more just clothes! Like others they too have brought in shades and accessories! Have a look-see! *giggles*

And oh no, of course they haven't stopped bringing in the clothes! They'll be up, soon-ish!

SPOTTED: Princess Boutique

Now dresses aren't their only specialty, they even carry basics too, like these tees! Ooo.. Smurfs! I like so miss them, can? They were one of my favourite childhood cartoons. Those little blue cuties. Tee-hee. And what more now that we can have 'em on our tees?! Woot!


More "made with love" goodies? Yes, now we have 'em on a necklace, simple, sweet and totally sends the message out to your loved one. Have got a BFF's birthday coming up? then you might just wanna get this for her to show her how much she is loved!

SPOTTED: Simply Buttons

And how about some turtleneck with 'em puffy sleeves top? They definitely speak versatility alright, good for work and play. Match it with a cincher, a low waist belt or do without! Anything goes with this baby alright. For such an affordable price? STEAL!

SPOTTED: French Kiss

And yet another top that spells out versatility. A sleeveless one this time, slightly ruffled down the middle alongside the buttons, this is one chic look without going overboard. Best part is, there is the least need to accessorise now that the top has got it done for you already!

More accessories? *giggles* Oh my! They are in abundance that they may actually be more of these than the clothes available! Now for some earrings here, they look totally adorble, can? Just a teaser, they've got more for you! Check 'em out!

Last but not least... the teaser that have got you anticipating for days have arrived!

SPOTTED: Goddess City

The Karen Miller dress is here! Woot! OMG, it does look stunning doesn't it? and what more it's versatile too! You can wear it two ways, the front with the square neckline or with the pussybow as the front! Either way it looks fantabulous *grins* Available in two colours, so better grab it now before you miss out on this fab deal! Totally non-restockable. Don't say I didn't warn ya *winks*


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