Sunday, August 24, 2008

E-shop of the week

There she goes again! She has got so much to share, that they are on the e-shop of the week yet again!

Are you crazy about those skinny jeans? Or leggings? Well, look who brought them in! *grins* That's right, she has an assortment here for you!

And what's that? cute earrings in the form of food? Tee-hee! How adorable is that! cupcakes and donuts on earrings and charmbracelets are simply too adorable to resist can?!

And how can we possibly miss out on a satin piece halter like this?! and especially the cute little black and white brooches there at the side! And oh, the sash totally adds on to it all!

And nothing like simple basic tops, although with a very low neckline, but make do with a tube top! Woot! and hey, you get to match it with different tube tops every time!

Looking for those rompers? Jumpsuits? Pantsuits? Not sure what they're called but yea, they have it too! Woot! was talking to mumsie the other day and she told me it was such a hit back then! And I'm like it's such a hit now!

And how can we forget the dresses right? Knitted? Checked? Tube dress? Crocheted? You have 'em all here! So go crazy choosing already!


Your sister in shopping

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