Saturday, August 23, 2008

The maxi dress post. Part II

Oops.. missed a couple out from yesterday's post. So here goes:


Ahh.. another sexy halter maxi dress! It comes with padding so you don't have to worry about what to wear on the inside with this sexy bareback piece alright. Especially *heart* the folds at the front and also the adjustable cleavage to suit your fancy. Woot!

SPOTTED: Jujuwiwitata

This one here is more of a kimono inspired piece with the little cap sleeves over there and the V-neckline. Ooo.. don't we all love the abstract design on this one already? *giggles* that's just one design babes. Go on over to check out what else they have in store!


Ahh.. this one is more than just abstract art. It is like a tropical galore all meshed into one! Tee-hee. This one comes in the form of a spaghetti strap of course and it's crossback too! Ooo.. lovely piece! I reckon you can erm, like hide the straps to make it strapless?


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