Sunday, August 31, 2008

E-shop of the Week

This week's e-shop of the week is... *drum rolls*

Cat in a Bowl

Yup, it's them again! And look what they have for us. From playsuits to dresses and even vests!

Playsuits are well, playful in nature, no? Whether you like 'em hunter style like this one here (which looks really fab, like hey, let's go jungle tracking already!)

Or would you like something more casual, like a denim one where it's more subtle, less loud but playful all the same?

And dresses, oh my, they've got plenty alright. Ranging from an old school patchwork piece to a sweet lace piece

Or try some crochet details oe even embroidery or hey, go simple with just a simple two toned layered dress!

If not, go back gingham style! This one is more of a top then a dress of course. Tee-hee. And it looks almost like a pinafore just minus the pockets, can?

And.. here's the vest, the two toned vest that's up for grabs. And like hey, this one ain't too casual, ain't too girly girl and it looks just fab!

And don't miss out on this sweet skirt! Its like little ink dots all over it *giggles* but in an artistic way that make you love 'em! Woot!


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