Sunday, August 31, 2008

Leg work! Foot work?

I was just thinking here's another themed post with 'em shoes but I found so many other things on the way!

SPOTTED: Lacquer & Lace

You gotta give it to them for bringing in the best shoe collections ever. While everyone is going crazy over the gladiators, they are giving you the very old school pair of Mary Janes, and not in your classic black too! Selling fast, so better hurry and get yours!

SPOTTED: Daily Shopping Therapy

And more T-bar sandals for you babes. Ooo.. this one here's really cute cuz they got this cute little lock attached to the sandals! Go check it out! Makes them extra special, just meant for you, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Cat in a Bowl

Even more wedges?! Not your usual gladiator pair, but hey they look fierce all the same! Rawr! Add on 3 ½ inches just by wearing a pair of these, and they do look awesome can? Less worries about tripping over your heels now. Tee-hee

SPOTTED: The Colour Theory

Well, we got the shoes. And now don't miss out on 'em tights! Patterned tights of course, with hearts or just plain diamond shaped ones. Looks sexy on its own, no? Or well, if you fancy leggings, they have 'em too!

And look who else is having a one day sale! Modeliciouz! Only till 11.59 pm today, so hurry!!

Your sister in shopping

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